This is for the Roland techs.

I curently have an older Bn-20  It's head is iffy due to a head strike.  I am wondering if Roland has made any improvements on the unit in the last 10 years.  This will help me determine if I want to repair or replace it with a newer unit.   Irv,  I know you say go big or go home but I simply do not have room for a larget unit.  :-)  and while it is slow it does what i need it to do.  So the question is  what improvement has Roland made on it or have they made none at all??

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Replace it! The SG2 had a good deal from Jan to Apr that made the cost about $1K more than the BN. Price has gone up, but better printer and ink - IMHO! Bells and Whistles for ink options would be the VG2.


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