Yesterday when running some jobs on my BN-20 - the same jobs I've run before, my printer stopped right in the middle of the job.

The first time it stopped in the middle of printing. The next 2 times it stopped in the cut phase - with the blade down on the vinyl.

After each crash, I did a reboot of both the computer and printer. My PC had a system process (couldn't identify which one) eating up a lot of CPU so I am wondering if this is my OS choking that in turn is handling the print job.

Does anyone know how the print jobs are sent from VersaWorks Dual to the printer? Are they sent all in one shot before printing begins, or does the program continue to send print commands to the printer during the print and cut cycles?

I'm wondering if I need to do a printer re-install or just find the gremlin making my Windows 10 barf.



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Constant communication - screen savers, power modes, antivirus are usually the gremlins

I think it was my streaming youtube video cam. Since I shut it down, the problem went away.

Yes those type of things interrupt the communication. Once one packet gets misplaced, inspected, or rerouted the printer will wait forever for what will never come. Patient they are!

I worry - if it stays frozen there for more than 30 minutes, do you run the risk of the head drying out or lines getting clogged?

If it stays uncapped for 30 minutes you will not need to worry about lines, the nozzles might start to show some distress, but that will clear up with some printing.


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