My BN-20 is 6 years old (CMYK+W) and lately my nozzle checks have been looking pretty bad on the black.  I just replaced the cap top and both wiper blades which didn't seem to help.  I also did an over night cap soak (sealed off the tubing) and made sure the top was still full of fluid when it was finished.  The attached pic shows nozzle checks after the soak and after normal, medium and powerful cleanings.  The picture isn't the best, but there isn't much difference in any of them.  The black just doesn't want to clear up and I'm getting "streaks" or "overspray" instead of sharp edges when I print black.  Just wondering if there is anything else that I might be able to try before getting a tech out and telling my daughter she'll have to skip a semester of college so I can pay for a new print head :-))))  Thanks in advance!

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Is there a good source for the RGB and Pantone palletes?  I have Roland in Versaworks.

I use the palettes in Corel - if those are no good, then I am consistently no good with no complaints.


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