I have a roland Versacamm VP-540i and it has been printing fine and I am trying to print double sided banners that are blue.  It starts out printing fine and then in the middle of the print the blue changes to purple. I have used the same file to print all the banners and some print fine and others turn purple.  In different places not rhyme or reason to when and how it changes.  We cleaned it and did a meduim and powerful clean and still no luck! Please help.  Pics attached.  Thanks.

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How old is the captops?

They are exhausted and cannot keep up, if brand knew that the dampers are not filling properly!

They are about a year old.  But if I give it a good clean it will print properly for a little while most of the time I can finish the job before it messes up again.

Trever your answer is the issue. The tops cannot keep up with what you are printing, so just do small jobs after doing a good clean and you will be fine, or buy new tops where you do not have to waste ink and be able to do long jobs. The worn tops are not pulling ink enough to maintain an even print thus you have color shifting which is an earmark of top issues.

Thank you!


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