Hello gang.  Long time reader first time poster.

  My recently acquired used SP-300i is giving me a little issue that was touched upon in this forum, but I don't think it was ever cleared up.

  At random times throughout the print process the printer is plopping blue lines or rectangles on the materials.  I have tried reseating the ethernet cable, purchasing a new cable, going direct to the computer and not a router (as was suggested in the other discussion) but it hasn't helped.  It only seems to do it in one area as well, about 3/4 of the way across from the right side.  I'll attach a photo to show what I mean.  I've also tried cleaning manually and a medium self clean to no avail.  Any thoughts?

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So I FINALLY tried another computer with a few hundred GB of memory available, and reinstalled VW with all the updates AND.... Still noise.  Different file sizes, formats etc.... So I guess I'll go with your suggestion Butch and inspect the cables themselves.  



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