Hello gang.  Long time reader first time poster.

  My recently acquired used SP-300i is giving me a little issue that was touched upon in this forum, but I don't think it was ever cleared up.

  At random times throughout the print process the printer is plopping blue lines or rectangles on the materials.  I have tried reseating the ethernet cable, purchasing a new cable, going direct to the computer and not a router (as was suggested in the other discussion) but it hasn't helped.  It only seems to do it in one area as well, about 3/4 of the way across from the right side.  I'll attach a photo to show what I mean.  I've also tried cleaning manually and a medium self clean to no avail.  Any thoughts?

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No cleaning will fix a data issue.

Size of the file

Size of the computer hard drive

Size of available space on the hard drive

Size of the file to be printed

The dpi of the design

Raster or vector

There is only 500 MB of ram on the old clunker computer I'm using.  That could be the issue.  I primarily work with Vectors.  The printer works fine if the image is on the first 22" or so on the right side, but when it is a wider print this issue happens.  50 GB free space on the hard drive. 75 GB total. The job I'm working on now is a mere 4,463 kb.  Prints fine portrait, but when done landscape the blue appears.   I have not toyed with the dpi, so I'm guessing it's 72?

You need to know the dpi. You only need 72 for VC to give a good print - I prefer more to enable me to enlarge. VW processes images on the hard drive and then send to the VC when info is requested. If you are short on processing space and you get a hiccup, it displays as noise on your media. You are getting noise. A missing data info. The other way to cause what you see is by a bad cable or a partially unseated cable. 

Things that may help:

Reduce the size of the graphic and dpi, thus file size and then increase to original size in VW. If the noise still persist, then check your printerhead cables.

I will give that a whirl in the morning.  

Thanks for all the help Mr. Donaldson, this website is a valuable resource for all the folks like myself.

Wow you called me by my Fathers name. lol

Mr. Donaldson indeed!!!! :)

lol, troublemaker

I tried shrinking the file size, and increased it in VW, that didn't work.  I examined the printer head cables and they all seemed to be tightly in place.  

I guess I'll attempt a different computer this afternoon.  Worth a shot!

just let me know - the tech manual is huge

Well, it just so happened I had some compatible RAM chips kicking around, so the old computer is up to 2GB of RAM now.... but.... still getting noise.  The blue lines have gotten progressively narrower, but still fall in roughly the same area.  I tried all the different quality settings in VW, I tried different formats (PDF EPS..) and there's still noise.  

If I have an old hard drive laying about, would that potentially reduce noise?  More space for VW?

If all files - yes

if one file - suspect file issue in processing

Print an  off white rectangle the full width by 3 feet  of the media . If the blue is gone it is the file. If present check data cable from the motherboard to the head as it unwinds for any slapping or splits in the cable itself when it gets close to the area involved. The cable can cause some weird stuff. 


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