I did a quick search but was unable to find what I was looking for.

Does anyone have any directions on how I can check for blockages with the cap top? Mine is full of ink and overflowing and is affecting colour accuracy as the head is being soaked in a multi-coloured bath every time it goes into the parked position.

I've tried using cleaning solution in the cap top, but it just sits there and won't absorb into it like it used to do.

Cheers :)

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The issue you discribe sounds like a typical VS issue with metallic and white ink. If it is not then tell me your machine, if it is then you need a new captop. You can put a syringe to the tube coming from the captop and draw out the ink, but that would be very temporary. You need to swap it out - a couple of clips, some springs and a few hoses. To prolong our next one a little weekly dose of cleaning solution will keep the pigments from bunching up and causing the top to fail. As for the fluid moving in the captop. How the VS models work, depending on the position of the pump the solution will sit there or run off. Once the system does its normal cleaning it will draw the solution off, if not then top failure, dried ink, swap problem solved.

Darn Irv you are too quick. I actually could answer this question after all the issues with my captop :-P

If you need more info you can look at the pics I posted to see if it needs to be replaced: http://myversacamm.com/forum/topics/vs-540-test-print-issue

When it looks as bad as the photos I posted you will definitely need a replacement ASAP. Good luck in the meantime with the syringe technique.

Yep, looks just the same as that unfortunately. I just hope the syringe method can get me by for the next week and a bit. Thanks for the help :)

I knew I'd seen photos of it somewhere before but it wasn't coming up in a search. My captop looks identical to yours was Kimberley :(

How can I get to the tube coming out of the cap top? I can't visualise an easy way of doing this.

I've cleaned up the cap top as best possible using a few of the cleaning sticks and fluid and managed to absorb about 2-3mL of cleaning fluid into the cap top which I hope has dissolved some of the dried ink. Just can't see how to get to the 2 tubes going into the underneath of the cap top.

Yep, it's a white/metallic VS as you guessed.

I was just after a temporary solution, as the printers next service is in about 10 days and need to print quite a lot between now and then. I'll jump in there with a syringe and see if I can unblock it between now and then.

I have put cleaning fluid into the captop a couple of times, but not recently, so I'll need to be more diligent with it during cleanings.

Thanks for the advice as always :)

Under the control panel (remove that) - the lower cabinet has about 3 or 4 screws - do not remember off hand - remove those and you will see the tubing - you can syringe at the y connector. I do not want to be the one to tell you so I am typing in someone elses voice - you need to be doing weekly cleaning with a VS with metallic and white - if it is a VS with CMYKx2 then monthly would be fine. During your weekly cleaning - small capsize of cleaning fluid to the captop is fine. Also ensure you have the latest firmware loaded on your machine, since they have made upgrades to the cleaning procedure and stronger suction to pull the excess from the top. Captops have been deemed user replaceable.

Thanks for that. Got it worked out.

One of the tubes was pefectly clear of obstruction... the other, not so.

I removed the cap top and the other nipple where the 2nd tube comes out was solidifed shut with ink. No amount of cleaning solution or sucking would remove it. I have Roland coming out to do a replacement tomorrow, so fingers crossed I'll be up and running again then.

Thanks again for the assistance :)

Oh that is interesting to learn about checking the tubes. I'll have to keep my eye on it.

Good luck with the tech. I'm jealous you got a tech coming and I'm still fighting months to get help. ;-)

Keep us posted on what they do for the tube.

Well, the service is still booked for next week, but I rang to tell them I couldn't do any work due to the cap top being completely clogged and the head sitting in a multicoloured bath of ink every time it went to rest.

New cap top tomorrow (5 minute job) then full service next week as per schedule. My "local" service centre is nearly 100mi away, but suprisingly there will be a tech in the area tomorrow. Very lucky I think.

I can take some photos the next time I open up the printer to show you where all of the tubes are and where they run. I don't think the full process has been documented on here before.


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