When I print nozzle check from the printer the black is missing but when I send a test print from versaworks it prints fine .

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The most important test for me to evaluate a printer is a nozzle test. You printed it far away and it should be straight on full frame.

from what I see that head is set up all wrong. - am I looking at single test or test printed over one another - the nozzle test.

Which printer?

Hi Irving,

thanks for your reply. It’s sp300v

i printed the same nozzle check few times that is why you see it is printing one over another. but the real issue is that black is not printing. i also sent a spot black colour by selecting Preserve primary colours but it does not print anything just plain.

you are providing no history on an old machine, still used but no longer supported. I need to see a nozzle test to make a more accurate assessment. You provided a corrupted one - so that is my real issue. However - based on what I see - a black nozzle which is different than no nozzles. you have 2 heads - black and cyan are shared - so the fuse is good because you have cyan. If no black, then a damper - if some black then it is clogged or captop. If machine was unplugged for a while or captop years old, ergo your issue. What drives the printer test and what drives the nozzle test are different so you need to check your black damper to see if it has ink, and that the tubing is sitting correctly and o-ring secure.

Sorry about the missing information. I bought this machine 1 year ago and until now it worked very well actually recently it surprised me because the quality was even improving. I went to holiday and my brother turned the machine off to save electricity!!! He just started and did not know that he didn’t have to do it but it was just for few days(5-6). Basically the problem is that black doesn’t print at all. There is ink on the black damper but I think it is not going through to the head. I have another nozzle check which I will attach . I think the black you can see is made from CMY. Shall I just replace the black damper and see ? Someone told me that I have to replace both captops and pump . 

This a normal test print


You have one pump - no colors change pump - so do not listen to that person ever again!

I told you above all the information: typing it again

No black could be damper since blue is printing - on same head other side, BUT you now provided more information

Machine off - could be dried nozzles. You probably do need captops so order those. However, your first step should be to do a 48 hour head soak - both heads - why - because you need to turn the machine off - unplug type off - not 5 days but 2 days the minimum. You need to clamp lines under your current old tops and pour OEM cleaning solution into the tops until it almost over flows - if it does nothing to get harm - but it has to crest. You then reseat the head so that the solution will be absorbed into the nozzles - it has to soak up and undo what was done. After 24 hours you will not turn machine on but look at the tops - you should see sludge in them but you will just add more solution if needed. After 48 hours you will restore the lines under the tops and turn the machine back on. You will do 2 powerful cleans and then a nozzle test. I need to see that nozzle test. It will look worst before it looks better, but I need to see if the head is done.

I tried to explain that the nozzle test is one of the most important test you can do for a trained eye - I am that trained eye. When you do the test - I only need to see one, but the best test is the one that is straight on and only that nothing else, and not a whole bunch of nothing else. Shooting on angles or with flashes can distort the reading and cause a whole set of adjustments not required. 

If you have not changed your wipers and scraper - order those when you order your captops.


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