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  I have a  large job coming up next week where I am going to be printing several hundred large format decals that have a predominantly solid black background with the company's logo and information printed in the middle in a contrasting color.  My question is if I use Roland BK 21 100% black  for the background will that pull soley from the black ink cartridge as opposed to using other colors to create a process color black?  Due to the volume of black ink I am going to be printing I'd hate to be depleting other color cartridges unnecessarily if I can just use the black cartridge alone and focus on having a few extra on hand.  Any info or input is greatly appreciated.  THanks!


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Great - Remember you never want to mix to make black - usually cmyk palette unless directed - you usually get brown or mottling - too much ink. Be Well

Just to add my 2cents to this as it's all black background and no laminate have you tried to actually fit one ??


Just thought I would share what works for me on the over ink saturation and curling edges. This was a major problem for me for a couple months. I tried all kinds of different vinyl, profile adjustments, shades of black etc. Most of my customers are bands. The most popular color among my customers is Black. I would say around 75% do not want a white outline around their decals. Here is what I do to solve the problem. I have been doing this for a couple years now and have never had a customer complain or even ask about it. I use Coreldraw. For the main background I would use RVW-BK21A then I create an outside contour line. For example if the decal I was making was approx 3" diameter I would put an outside contour line of around .041" this will be the actual cut line. Then break the contour apart and size the artwork to 3" based on the contour linr I just created. Then using the newly created contour line I would repeat the outside contour line, break it apart. Then move it to the back / bottom of the layer, remove outline and fill with RVW-BK18A 80%

The cutline will cut on the RVW-BK18A 80% with zero curling. You may be able to print a little darker, but you will have to test that yourself. I found that unless I mention it, nobody ever notices the slight change in color. I have done this with large signs and they still look really good with no curling at all. Hope this helps someone.

Great idea!

I would say though that looking at your pictures you have a wrong profile for the print or something is off. There is a lot of mottling on the black edges that shows and is usually from an incorrect profile or wrong temperature.

You can see it a lot in the last picture with the black lines on the straight jacket. It should be very crisp on the edge and appears to be bleeding out a bit.

For some reason I am just seeing your reply now, as I am looking for a solution to a different problem. I have been using a "house brand" vinyl Originally called Aspire Gloss 5 Year Digital Vinyl, now called Zephyr

The description is below. They do not have a profile for my VS300i so I was told to use the GCVP profile. I sometimes have issues like you have pointed out. I have been using the default media profile settings for the temp control. At times I have to use the high quality print option when printing 2" and smaller decals. I have not been able to get any answers or help from the vendor and I am ready to switch brands.

I work with mainly bands, smoke shops, and dispensaries.  Mostly decals, small signage, labels, etc.

I do not laminate any vinyl at this point. Any and all suggestions for a general glossy vinyl that would work well with my printer and has profiles that will work with my printer would be greatly appreciated. Only about 20% of the printed decals and signs that I make need to be masked with transfer tape. I do a lot of decals that are from around 1” to 3.5”.

I am very open to trying something new.

Thank you in advance for any help on this.

Zephyr 5 Year White Digital Vinyl

Zephyr digital vinyl is a premium calendered white PVC film with clear permanent adhesive, ideal for application to flat or slightly curved surfaces. It is designed for indoor and medium-term outdoor applications requiring some longevity and quality, at a more competitive price point than a cast vinyl product.  Zephyr offers excellent printability on a wide range of digital printers and is rated for outdoor durability up to 5 years. It can also be used for plotter or die-cut lettering on banners and signs.  Printed image durability is dependent on the ink and/or lamination.


  • 3 mil premium polymeric calendered vinyl film
  • Available in high gloss or matte finish
  • 90# poly-coated release liner
  • Permanent, clear acrylic adhesive
  • Up to 5 year unprinted durability (printed image durability dependent on ink and/or lamination)
  • Suitable for POP displays, trade show displays, indoor and outdoor signage, banners and much more!


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