Hi guys! I own a Roland SP540-V. I have had it operating great for over 5 years. However a few days ago I notice the black printing very blurry. The black test print is also different than it used to be. I have changed the capping tops, wipers, mist filter, dampers. I think it might be the cable that is attached to the head, or the actual head itself. However now it is not printing at all. Any advice is welcomed. I am attaching a test print.

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Major deflections in black head. This is caused by head strikes and bad nozzles. You can try a head soak, power cleans or running cleaning cart in the black slot and printing pure black until the color starts to lighten and then print another test. If no improvement replacement is in order.

Not printing at all now? Is the cyan printing? 

If cyan is not printing check fuses. Since you removed data cable did you re-install correctly?

New  cables are relatively inexpensive. I would replace all four making sure that they are connected properly.

Word of caution "never attempt repairs with unit connected to power outlet".

The cyan and the black is not printing now. I am going to change all 4 cables and see if it changes.

Black, Cyan not printing sometimes indicates blown fuse on mainboard.

The servo board or the print head carriage board?


Ok yes I believe it is the fuse because I tried connecting the magenta cable to the black and it is firing. Is there a video to remove the mainboard that I can follow?

You don't need to remove the board to check the fuses. Just remove the access cover.

Thanks. We replaced the fuse and it’s working now. Will replace the black head soon but it is printing 8/10 for now. Thanks for all the help.

Glad it's up and running!

are you using 3rd party ink or running the machine with the head height set to high all the time? That is some serious over spray that has gone all the way up the ribbon cables!

The ink is Roland however I am not sure why it has so much over spray. I have never changed them before and the machine has a bit of age.


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