All my prints are printing weird, either banding or the color is off or the print is blurry.  We recently replaced the magenta head.  The black head we replaced about two years ago.  The black has been fine until we had the magenta replaced and the black was leaking ink all over the prints.  Its not leaking anymore but all the prints are off and the black is deflecting in the test print I think.  Any ideas?


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No good news to report.

The calibration is off - overlapping center line

Head installed - no bias or horizontal set (space between magenta and cyan & magenta and yellow overlap)

Black head looks gone

Yellow head space does not look good 

No telling the machine SP or VP - thinking maybe VP so the yellow head is bad too - A new ma/yl should not have results like those

its a vp and you are spot on.  We did a bias and horizontal test and they were way off!  We reset them and the print seems to be doing better.  I still have a pinkish outline on some of my prints any ideas on what is causing this?

Yep you are close in correctly setting the head - you should be seeing a magenta outline - post another nozzle test and the pixs of the horizontal and bias test - the columns should not overlap and the lines should be even between colors

here's my latest test prints and the bias test.  I think we cracked the damper holder during testing.  :-( the blue is completly missing on one line now


The K channel is the base and the other heads are set to that - that magenta line needs to be on the same horizontal level as the K - that is the pinkish you see.

Nipples are fragile so be careful when touching. If you did crack - you can replace the manifold. Check hose going to it and that the brass fitting and Oring is secured. Calibration still looks off. Ensure you do the Calibration and Bi direction in service mode to set the base - then again in User mode. As for the Y - looks like you had a head strike when Printhead was returning home. If those nozzles do not recover - you will have color shifts. You are getting closer, but start saving for a black and yellow head. Until those are corrected expect overspray and color shifts.


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