Hey everyone.  

I've always had real good success printing with my VS 640.  I've noticed, however that lately, I'm getting banding in my banner prints.

It's not at the onset of printing, it actually prints very nicely, but at the end of the print.  It would print real nice for about 7 feet or so, and then the last 3 feet of a 10' banner, the print begins to band.

I've pulled the material out (13oz gloss banner) so that the weight of the roll isn't causing it an issue and can pull the material freely.  I've done cleanings, and test prints, and they all come out looking fine. 

Any suggestions here would be appreciated. 

Thank you.


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No way to help without seeing what you are seeing. No way to help without knowing the media, the profile, your ink types, etc.

So the first pix is the nozzle test, then a pix of the banding, then the media and the profile, then the age of your captop; and finally your ink configuration - all of these can cause banding of one form or another.

Hi Irving.  Thanks for the reply.   Attached are some pictures of my test print, the print at the beginning, and the print at the end.  The banding starts about 7' into the print job.  The media is 13oz gloss banner material (Forward Banner from Grimco).  The profile I use is the Glossy Banner profile in VersaWorks.  The inks I have are a mixture of Roland Eco Sol Maxx (Yellow, Black) and and Maxx Life Eco Sol from Fellers (Cyan and Magenta). 

My captop is a little older, I didn't realize I changed it out January 2014 (you helped me with that issue then too.)  I'll order up a captop asap and get it here so see if it changes anything. 

The crazy thing is that it print 7 feet of banner without any banding, then starts after that length. 


I am only helping you because of the saluting soldier, just joking. When you take the nozzle shot take it straight on. You will not get banding due to that nozzle test. You are getting banding due to ink starvation. I can type it in all caps, but trust me. Your old tired captop cannot keep up to the demands of that long job. So it cannot pull the ink fast enough into the dampers, thus causing you white banding or missing ink coverage. You can print in unidirection or hq to slow it down and that may give it a chance to catch up. If you have the heavy inks you need to change every 6 months and should put a cap worth of cleaning fluid in the top each week. If you have CMYK you can get a year, you are on 2 years = so buy the top already, you will be fine and stop wasting media. Also try LBV2 as your profile and see how you like that one for a profile.

You're the man, Irving!  I couldn't believe it's been two years already since I changed the cap.  I didn't think it had been that long, but when you mentioned about it in your suggestions, I had to look back at the last thread and see the date.  Time flies when you're having fun.   The cap is on order first thing in the am tomorrow.

I never thought of the LBV2....what is the requirement for the material to be light weight, is 13oz light enough of a weight, or does it really not matter?

If you're ever in Vegas, look me up....I owe you some lunch, dinner, some beers, etc... :)

Deal on the look up, I will coming to some convention soon enough out there. 13oz is LBV2 use it all the time. Happy CAMMing!

SGIA is coming up next month in Vegas......

Just sayin

You going Steve - You there I am there

Plane ticket bought and SGIA bound!

I hope to see you guys when you come out! 

Got the new captop in and all is right with the world.  Thanks again for the help as always.


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