I really hope someone can help me with this.  I purchased a Roland VS-540i new about 5 years ago.  It's always done a great job on printing.  Up until about a month ago.  Now whenever I print, it shows bands of darker colors on the lighter color prints.  When I print a nozzle test, 1st test of the day, it shows cross contamination of cyan into my yellow.  So then I do a normal clean, and print another nozzle test and it looks ok.  I have attached both nozzle tests.  I have done several manual cleans, normal cleans, a few medium cleans and 1 heavy clean throughout trying to clear this up.

When I print anything, then follow up with another nozzle test, it appears like nozzle test 1 now, every time.  I have also attached a print of rvw-pr01k to display the banding issues I am having.

I have since, done 2 head soaks about 2 hours each time.  I have replaced the wiper, the felt and now the cap.  I have wiped down the encoder strip with rubbing alcohol.  No changes in the banding problem.  

Any and all advice greatly appreciated.

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hi Joe,

Likely your cap top needs replaced, and is past its life cycle. I would assume that this also goes for your wiper, felt and scraper. These items are to be replaced about every 6 months.

With the contamination coming back after some printing, I'm guessing that the cyan has contaminated your yellow damper as well. These are fairly easy fixes. Get the consumables replaced, then get with your tech about the damper if the contamination continues.


We just replaced the cap, wiper and felt all last week, as we had tried to do some research on our problems before asking for help.  But I don't know what a scraper is.  Can you give me more information on it?

Is the damper something that can be replaced without a tech as well?

i wouldnt recommend doing a damper without a tech, as the head needs removed and reinstalled and realigned to do it.

Definitely won't be messing with the damper then.  Trying everything else possible first before needing to call a tech.  And hopefully :;crossed fingers:: that we don't need to.

A good head soak is about 48hrs on a new top with 100% cleaning solution, since 2 hours will not completely loosen ink dried in the nozzles.

Can I get a clear picture of one nozzle test straight on.

To get to the scraper on a VS you will have to remove the wiper assembly

To do the head you can easily break the head

Banding - you have dark so need to see your calibration test - blocks are probably overlapping

Banding also result of not matching profile with media so need that info

Cross contamination - did you clean your encoder strip with alcohol

Thanks for the info on the longer soak.  We had done some research on that but didn't know if soaking it longer might harm it.  However, it completely makes sense to soak it longer to get potentially encrusted ink off the nozzles.  We will be doing that today, for 48 hours.

Can you please give instruction as to the scraper, if we need to clean it? For Roland VS-540i

Yes, we did clean the encoder strip with rubbing alcohol.  We might try that again, as it was dirty.

Attached are the nozzle tests from today, hopefully clearer.  Also have sent calibration test and it looks like we need to change to +.20, have not changed it yet.  Nozzle 1 is 1st test of the day.  Nozzle 2 is after normal cleaning.  Calibration was done after nozzle 2.


We have not changed media profiles since day 1.  We are using generic vinyl 1, head speed 1016, for arlon calendared vinyl.  


OK calibration - as expected the overlap - equal spaced dark bands - go to +15 or 20

Using arlon - if not arlon profile from their site go to Roland and get the GCVP for a better than generic

If changed cap, then make sure it is springy and little spring on front

Also did you change the lines

Ink will fill the colors, so it will cross if the color requested is not there

Nozzles look healthy so no a soak issue. It may be more of some air moving around in there - same reason that right nozzle color but missing nozzles in test 2. 

So no soak, 1 or 2 power cleanings then check, if good and say no printing for rest of day and tomorrow you check and you get the cross or missing - then suspect air getting in and a flushing adjustment might be needed (or just do a normal cleaning before printing.

As for scraper - long sponge swab down to the right under wiper - 

Me - I use a long allen wrench remove the 2 screws and then have full access - replace opposite of removal

We were in the process of headsoaking before we saw your reply yesterday so we let it soak for 24 hours. 

Today we went to +15 on calibration and checked and it looked like it needed to go back to +05, so we changed it again.

Yes, we did change the lines, they came in with the new cap. (we had the same banding problem before we changed the cap)

Today, we still have the banding.  We did some printing for an order, then did another nozzle test and it still shows cross contamination of cyan into our yellow.  Our yellow square print still shows same banding.  We can print just about anything else except for yellow tones without problems.

We had done a power clean in the past and it didn't help.  We are wary of doing them since they state in the manual how it can damage the head if done too many times.  Should we pursue another power clean?

If you suspect air getting in, can you please give information on how to figure that part out?  We don't know how to do a flushing adjustment either.

(btw, we truly appreciate the insight you have given us and thank you for your time and input)

flushing is tech level

Are you using OEM inks

Do one normal clean before you start to print and see if that helps

As for the banding, have to stick to what your print shows - however you are on site and there should be no gap or overlap

if the arrow points to a picture with an overlap, expect to see banding

Also banding could be wrong profile period


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