Hi everyone.

We're having an issue with print quality that has us rather baffled.

We have a VS640.  It has new cap top, new wiper, new felt, and we keep up with cleaning as best as possible.

We're having an issue with blue and it not giving us a sharp defined print.  When the blue is being used, the graphic prints very fuzzy.  However, when the graphic only calls for black, red, even yellow, it's as sharp as it should be.

I've attached a picture of the test print and also of one of the graphics we were printing last week.  

This has become an issue with glossy calendared vinyl; however, when printing banners, or canvas, the print is fine.

We always use the GCV profile built into VW and never had problems.  With it printing fuzzy like this, we found out that Generic Vinyl gives us a passable print (again not perfect).  It seems like when the print head slows down for a higher quality pass, it's giving this issue, but when sped up, it prints better.

Is there something with the blue channel that I can do to fix this?  The print head is 7 years old...is this indicative of the head going bye-bye?

Any thoughts here would be appreciated.



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Look at your nozzle test. That one nozzle that is deflecting is causing your issue. It would be better if it was missing altogether. 

Looks a bit like static as well or a raster file that has artifact in it. 

Can you post the original file? 

Does this happen to all prints? 

It happened on the two files I tried to print the other day.  I'll try another file to verify.

The file is in fact at vector file we are printing off the .pdf straight from Corel Draw.

Attached is one of the files.


BTW - thread diversion - good to see you are safe Irv. 

Back at HQ yet? Hope all is well brother!

Nope still stuck in St Croix, talked to BN20 last Friday waiting for him to get back, parts ordered. Expected to get out tomorrow, or I will start looking for a military hop! Thanks

Hi Irving:

That nozzle has been like that for many years.  We haven't had an issue with that before.  However, if that is the cause, is there a way to fix it?


I did not zoom in but now I did. So going with what Steve stated - Static and I do see that around the print, and what you said about not having it before, then seeing where you are located - dry heat. Let's go with mild case of static. In that case, what is your humidity level. Add humidity to the air by spraying some water around your printer's floor. Also another trick that works is taking the roll of media and slamming one end against the core against the floor. See if those help it.

Next I do see a line going through your nozzle test. It should look as one continuous flow. Check your calibration test - no space is the correct selection, no overlap no space.

Finally, no way to correct a deflected nozzle, you can headsoak your way thru a block nozzle, take all pictures straight on and not at an angle.

OK, thanks for the suggestions.  Humidity has been a little high this year, as we've had more rain than previous years.  However, it's been hotter too and the air probably has been kicking more.  I will see about adding some humidity to the room. 

I did a calibration test but it was most likely on high head height.  I will recalibrate it with the lower height.

Next pictures I take will be straight on. 

Thank you!


Sorry for the delay, we've been in an out the past couple of days.

I did recalibrate the machine.  It was set on -.20, and I adjusted it to -.10.  Here's the new test print from the top.  We're still getting this overspray, and after speaking to some techs, it appears the head is going bad. 

good photo some nozzles

partial block - can be cleared

deflecting nozzles will remain an issue

Hi Iriving.

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, those blocked ones come and go. 

Here's the print that we're getting.  I don't know why this picture is upside down.

It's hard to see, but there is overspray around the car, and the grey is not a nice solid grey like it once was, it has specks of blue in it, like it's very pixelated.

Is the only fix here changing out the head, or do you think dampers could be causing this?  Any ideas how to rectify this other than replacing the head?

Thank you!

You will get blue dots from the overspray

You have enough good K nozzles to get good greys so either it is static or you are using a cmyk black that will add cyan and give you pixilation due to nozzles.

So it is not dampers - it is head

Use vectors when possible

Use RGB, Roland library or Pantone when possible

Eliminate static by adding humidity or slamming roll perpendicular to the ground on one end - that should discharge the static.


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