This was surprisingly hard to photograph.  I'm not sure what's going wrong with this.  I can't seem to get a decent gray or a fine black line.  My cyan on the test print looks fine.  I've been having trouble with my metallic and white drying up but that doesn't seem like it should matter with this.  Instead of a crisp line there is a cyan halo around things like it isn't lining up well with everything else and the gray color isn't right (probably because of it).  I'm thinking it's a printer problem and the coworker things it is a file problem so I thought I'd ask the experts as nothing I have tried has made any difference. Thanks!

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You did not state which machine, but it is a VS or VSi.

You will need a head to correct your issue.

It is a printer issue, not file

You have deflecting black and metallic nozzles and no white showing

Thinking head strikes caused the deflections, but the whole head must be shifted to get the cyan overspray

With a white and metallic machine, the captop should be replaced every 6 months and you can wait longer if you swap out with Cleaning carts until you need - most people find out they do not need it

All of your colors are not printing correct, so I am thinking you are not using the correct profile and if you are, then you are not using default media settings since the ink is drying too soon. 

As for your colors to get a good grey then use the roland palette and those will give you the best, when your head is correct

The last halo cause could be static, static when humidity is too dry or your captop is exhausted


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