Hi all,

Im brand new to print and cut, I have a job (my First) which is a sticker kit for a Go-Kart, Its taken 1 week for me to designs all the separate graphics/sizes etc,, I have purchased 3M Motormark in white and clear But, before using those I have just printed it all out on normal sticker vinyl to test it first, heres what happened:
1, loaded designs in versaworks, set as a nested job, set it to do registration marks and set Print Only,, all good
2, hung it up to outgas for 24 hours all good
3, went to lay the clear vinyl over the top, - Disaster, air bubbles everywhere, tired to get as many out as I could but not working well at all
4, put it back in the to cut, opened versaworks where I did save the job But its now showing up as a totally different layout to how it printed, not sure why its now showing up different at all, anyway I let it go hoping it would still cut in the order it printed,, It didnt and cut accross all design in the wrong order

The whole thing is completely ruined, lucky it was not done on the correct materials as that would of been worse but still I need to have this job done yesterday (literally), so upset

How do I lay the clear down without all the drama and air bubbles and why didnt it cut in the correct order?
Any advise would be greatly appreciated :(

Oh like I said im Very new to this, only owned the machine (Roland BN20) for not quite 2 weeks and before this go kart job ive only made I small sticker, which did not have to have any laminate/clear vinyl on top

Thanks in advance

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Try to laminate in dust free environment, do you have a laminator or you are doing by the hand?

Im doing the laminate by hand,, until now I didnt know there was a machine that did it, it wasnt mentioned to me that I would need one when I was looking in buying the Roland machine

I am going to look them up to see how much they cost

Is there a list or information somewhere I can find that states which products have to be laminated and which dont, so I know what im limited to?

Thank you for replying

"You can do it with large sqeege to" sqeege is used in silk printing!

Ok, I will look them up

Thanks for replying

Well Julie - you are taking on a lot for any type of machine - not just your BN20. Laminators are not packaged with machines because they are not needed on all jobs and never by some. As for which vinyl needs lamination - all, some or none. That answer will explain that lamination is a process that is application (end use) specific. If there is a possiblity that the surface will come into extreme contact - ie go-kart - then it should be laminated. Laminate will not prevent the kart from falling apart, but can hold some of the pieces together. Most folks start out with a spray or roll on laminate - but your current use requires roll laminate. You can put on by hand - especially small pieces, but a machine is preferable. For the air bubbles - you can try to squeege to groups and piece with pin to release the air. There will be a lot of waste with lamination in the beginning - that is normal so keep at it and know you are experience normal fustration for this business. You should do some small test prior to continuing your job on good product. Also remember that there is cast and calendar vinyl and you need to match the laminate. If you are doing a go-kart - you should be using cast. The exception is that they are making calendar vinyl that can be used in wraps and less expensive - making it great for go-karts that will be taking some licks.

Julie - We own a laminator and use it not only to apply overlaminates; but, to apply vinyl to coroplast and larger sign boards.  It works very well.

Calendared vinyl tends to shrink over time leaving a glue line around the edges, which cast vinyl does not.  Which leads to my question for Irv.  Does the new calendared vinyl shrink less and, if so, who makles it?

Thanks so much for replying :)

Yes I know I should of had way more time to learn before taking on something like this, Ive gone from 1 little sticker to a full on go-kart, there's bound to be mistakes

Im printing it all out again now however Im not sure if im even going to attempt to laminate it, for 2 reasons

1, Im not confident I can lay it down good enough by hand and if anything goes wrong I do not have time to order more vinyl, reprint again, outgas, cut, the absolute last minute deadline to have it applied to the cart is tomorrow night (its 1.15 AM here now so way less than24 hours) so cant take the risk
2, customer has said he usually has to get them reprinted every 8 weeks as when they race they smash and get damaged anyway

Oh and I actually have a quote to do now for a mobile coffee truck, logo creation from scratch, both sides of truck, the back and both door, No idea how to quote something like this,, any advise, please?

Ive found a manual cold lamintaor brand new for $200, its 26inches wide, I definetley cant afford thousands right now on a electric one so do you think the manual one would be ok?

Again I really appreciate the help,

Have you considered subcontracting the laminating that you need to have done, I assume occasionally at this point, until you are able to afford a laminator that you are likely to consider as a good long-term investment?  Something you should consider is that a 26" wide laminator may not handle your vehicle graphics very efficiently; it is relatively small. 

I have considered outsourcing the laminating but would be great if I could do it all myself, worst case I will look at outsourcing though yes.

I thought the 26 inch laminator would be ok as Ive only got the Roland BN-20 so my prints would not be bigger than that anyway,, is that right?

When I have multiple decals of different sizes to do for one job, like your go kart-I do all my artwork as separate images, but then open up a new 'page' (or document) and size that to fit the maximum print area of my vinyl (Sp300V, so I can print 27").

Then I copy and paste each decal into that one page, and start nesting them myself. This way the Versaworks program cannot move or change anything on my artwork. Then I export that 'new' page as an .eps file and send it right to Versaworks.

I use Macromedia Freehand (now a dead program) but the same can be done in Illustrator and Corel Draw, probably other programs.

As for laminator, I purchased a Daige 30" laminator shortly after buying the Roland and it was a great combination.

Although I recently sold my shop to a local printer that expanded, I still go up a couple times a week to run it for them while they learn the procedures.

Thats a great idea, to make the nested job in the software before transferring to versaworks, brilliant, I'm definitely going to try it that way

Thank you so much :)

That window cannot be resized - you will have to change your screen resolution or autohide - Japan is aware of the issue on this side of the ocean and we are still living with the problem and I started with Versaworks version 2 and change and at least 6 revisions.


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