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I hope someone can help.

I have been through some of the tutorials on how to print in metallic and they show many different media types; I only have 8 available. I have updated VWD but still have the same 8 and the tutorials say that the media types with MT are ones suitable for printing in metallic ink. Do I need to create all my own media types using the Media Explorer? I look forward to your suggestions. I also may use printable silver vinyl but I'll need to work out the media settings for that, too.

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Does anyone have some advice? Please let me know, I have checked the Profile Center and cannot find anything for the BN-20 CMYKMt.

Don't really see your problem. I use a met vs540 and use the std profiles for just about every thing. Problem in useing lots of different profiles is unexpected colour tone changes with very few exceptions if it's white and ecosol ink receptive you will get a good result.
The met ink is quite opaque and prints well on lots of coloured vinyls shame it's not very robust

Updating VW will not get you profiles - go to Rolanddga.com/support and look at the ICC profiles - you will need to know for which media.

I ended up using a printable silver vinyl and effect was perfect; however, I could not get the BN-20 to detect the crop marks after laminating. It was able to see the top two marks but continuously failed on the first bottom one. I guess the shiny material is causing issues but I could not work out why it detected the top two marks. I left 3.5" between the bottom crop marks and the end of the material. Is that sufficient to cover the sensors?

Is there another way to cut after laminating without using the crop marks?

I need some help here as I cannot really find any solutions online or in the manual that might help.


Thanks for feedback, Irving. I found that out after updating VWD; which I needed to do anyway but the Update Options in the Roland@Net Tab of the Preferences section, clearly states Download Media and Color Profiles - see image attached. That's what had me confused. I have since been to the Roland DGA site, as you suggested, and downloaded the profiles and now I have 10 profiles...... I also see a number of media manufacturers have their own profiles that can be used with Roland machines. For my application, I was actually able to create my own "profile" that gave a better finish by increasing the number of passes.


It used to be that way but not anymore. Roland is trying to get a single repository for profiles. Companies that pay the fee have their profiles there. Those who don't you will need to go to their website to download the required ones. To get the best use of the profiles on the Printer Tab in VersaWorks click default media on all three options.

Yep, you will not find any help on that and you are doing discovery learning for your particular situation. So some pointers

- Registration marks also have a lighting factor that can cause non reading - darken marks with a sharpie to see if that helps also ensure no direct light is beaming on the marks

- as for the rear not sure if it is enough - I usually double it to prevent errors - (you can cover the sensor and that may just help also)


I will try the Sharpie trick. I was wondering whether something like that would help. I did try to use a black circle from a crop mark cut out of an old job that had a bit of surrounding it but it didn't make a difference. I was worried about the additional thickness but I didn't get any other error messages other than the one about not being able to detect the crop mark.  I even tried turning of the light in case there was an additional reflection off the silver! I also attached a bit of additional vinyl in case 3.5" was not long enough to cover the sensor.

I'll let you know how I go. Thanks again for being so responsive.

The Sharpie did not make a difference but I reprinted the job and increased the amount of material after the back crop marks and this seemed to work. I remembered that the first cutting job I did using the Crop Marks failed to recognise the back marks and gave an error that they could not be found. It turned out in that instance that there was not enough material covering the back sensors. I have also found that it helps to have a bit of extra material at the top as well (comments welcome). Anyway, success at last. I would not have persisted had I not known that I could use this forum to bounce ideas! Thanks!

Never push the media back in the beginning - must start at the sensor. On the rear run it out until the rear marks are at the end of the platen and then it should work - 99.9 percent of the time.


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