Hey all.  I'm having some drama with importing created artwork in Versaworks from Corel Draw (X5 and X8).  The gradient will not transfer over into Versaworks.  I've attached 2 photos for a visual.  1 is the design in Corel.  The other is the design as it shows in Versaworks.  What am I not doing incorrectly?  

I've saved the artwork file in several formats (eps, pdf and jpeg) and opened in Versaworks...all to the same result.  

Any advice is welcomed.  thanks.

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What version of versaworks are you running?

Which printer model?

VersaWorks 5.5.1

Versacamm VS-540

can you post the native Corel file? I will try it on my end and see what I can find out. 

I was hoping you were eligible for the Versaworks Dual upgrade but unfortunately that printer does not qualify. 

The file is 12 MB so won't attach and that is scaled way down.  It's an .eps file.  Suggestions?

you could use dropbox and send a shared link. 

You can also try to email it to me. I will send you a PM with my email address


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