Hi. I've got some strange lines on the print. i use a VP540.

there are some picture in the att for who can help me!


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Post your nozzle test

Are you using a CMYK black - too much ink and the ink is smearing?

Roll out your media roll a few feet - The lines are equally spaced and are printed under our print - if your media is clean the look at your image and depending on your software in wireframe mode

I have seen memory issues in VW but none looking like that

IF all of the above is fine then need to look - at Hard drive space, RAM, OS and VW version

it is not too much ink. they are some lines like a nozzle test but only on black. i thought it was Sheet Linear Scale and i've chanege it but the problem is still there.

you think it it a with de pc rather than a problem with the versacam?


The too much ink is on your graphics - a different issue than those lines. So I told you what I think it could be and you ask different questions without addressing the ones I ask. I could have told you it was not an encoder issue, that is why I did not mention it. A nozzle test tells me a lot about a printer. Look at the
E why is it dragging like that, is that your design or indications of other problems, along with the lines.

i'm using a CMYK black.

i will send you a test tomorrow from the office.

those lines appers usually in the middle zone of the printer. in fact, if the media is smaller then 700mm, they do not apper.

at the E is not the design...it is a problem!

Maybe I should have explain in addition to helping you with your issue I was addressing your print issue.

Print issue: the black you are using CMYK is a mixture of CMYK - it is overflowing on the edge due to slow captop drain/wrong profile/or heat issue. Switch to roland color 21A or RGB black and that should be better.

Stray Lines: Believe it is a memory or communication issue. Check your cables and ensure the Ethernet cable in the rear is all the way seated. There is constant communication between the printer and the hard drive and ram on the computer. If there is a small data interruption then you can get what you see, if it is major then you get a now processing on the printer and it stops until restarted.

hi. i've got the tests!


OK more print issues

Your heads are not aligned

The nozzle test prints in 2 passes

Your second pass should be immediate over the bottom pass. If you look your are shifted to the left. It could be from a head strike. That would make it hard to have crisp prints and will explain some ghosting. Also your calibration is slightly off, but that might be from the head being off.

This leads me to again suspect your stray printing to be from bad file if just that file or from communication if it is in all prints. As you stated you do not get it in small prints and that would almost confirm memory issues. What you can try is to take the same file; reduce it in your graphic program by 50%; bring it into VW and increase it by 200% (back to original size); print it and see if there are any marks. If not then look at RAM or Hard Drive space as a cause of your issue.

I just installed VW on my laptop and I'll try to print from this to see if is there the same problem! I will align the heads and hope that the problem dissapears! thank you for the patience!

Just let me know how you make out

i"ve tryed to print from other computers and it was the same problem! a technician said that could be from the cable connection betwen tha mainboard and the K head! he says that the it is an electrical problem fore sure, something like a shot circuit.

hi. the problem have been solved by changeing some cables. The three cables between the motherboard and the head carriage.

Adrian thanks for the update. So it was a communication issue. Have not seen it from that, so it would be interesting to know if the cables went bad or worked loose. Glad you have it worked out, Happy CAMMing!


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