interested to know if anyone is using their machine for apposed to sublimation.

i got myself some colourprint new from siser, prints well, but i dont have a heat press, so used an iron..

came out ok

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We have some t-shirts and sweatshirts on our racks with designs we test the market with. The hooded sweatshirts we have priced at $22 and that is pushing the limit in our area. It's no wonder there weren't any sales. Don't let the fact no one bought anything sway your decision to not offer apparel.

For just straight vinyl lettering on a teeshirt, like a football name and number, I get $15 including the shirt. For anything off the Versacamm, $20. Sweatshirts would be $5 extra or more.

I have noticed (I use Specialty Materials) that digital print transfers don't hold up well in the wash-after 8-10 times through it starts to fade off.

I also have combined digital print (photo) with screenprinting for lettering around it. Screen first, apply decal last.

Customers loved them.

that sounds like a great combo..


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