Hi all, my bn20 has started to band a little and not to sure why!

Nothing has changed that I know of (settings) same inks and vinyl that I have used from day one... I'll attach a picture... done the normal cleans, calibration etc but still the same?

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Good Nozzle test.

How old is the captop?

What vinyl?

What profile?

Post your calibration test?

Ink Configuration? CMYKM???

Hi irving,
I have been using the same vinyl from xpres since day one, I have a new cap top on order as that's about a year old now, not sure on profile will post a pic later when I get back..CMYKW only on the back, other colours are fine!


Initial impression is that you just need a new captop. The tops are rated for 6 months and when you have white or metallic, that is usually what you get. When not using the white you can keep a cleaning cartridge in that channel to help save ink, the top, and other problems down the road. Your bi direction looks ok, but not sure about your calibration. I would need to see more of the lines for the best way to tell is to go from the gap to the cross over and the cross over to the gap. I see the cross but not the gap. Either cross or gap can cause banding. a bad top not allowing ink flow can cause banding and wrong profile can cause banding. If all is the same and then it started, I would lean towards top.

Thanks Irving,

Attached a better picture of the calibration .... I never use white, and gone through 2 carts since I had it, didn't no you could put a cleaning cart in instead, thanks for the tip ;) the new top will be with me tomorrow so Im hoping that sorts it out....


Too many folks was complaining of using up ink and not printing with the specialty colors. Also the wear down of the tops. Roland came up with the cleaning cartridge replacement. Put it in when you need it, saves a lot of money and headaches. Ensure you keep your firmware up to date. Will see if I can get you a better calibration example.

humm, new top and wipes fitted and still the same :s

OK so if I may ask:

Graphic printing - raster or vector

Profile using

Preset using

Please post the new picture of your banding

If you did not do a Powerful Cleaning and check the lines from the top to the pump and pump to waste and the T connectors - there might be a blockage and if not using the white replace it with the cleaning cart

Most are reluctant because on the BN20 there are so many covers to remove to get to the hoses

Hi Irving,

All vector images, pictures added.... not changed any setting so used these from day one, only the black that has banding, not checked the lines but I will do ..


I understand that you got great results with the generic vinyl profile - Switch to GCVP

The only reason I still have the GV is because that is the only one they make you keep. Generic 3 is even better.

I dont have that option mate, just checked the lines and all look OK, no air gaps or leaks!


You have all the vanilla ones they include with the machine.

Go to the Roland site and download other options you need. GCVP used to be one of the ones they included. In the USA

www.rolanddga.com under support ICC profiles is where you go and get them. You will need to get the European equivalent if you cannot download from that site. If not I can try to get, just need your ink config. However, I think you mates use Max 3 and we use 2 so it might not work. When all else is good it is usually a profile issue, although it was all good before. Profiles are affected by environment.

Put all the info in and it comes up "You indicated that you are missing an item in our database."

I use the Eco sol max , which it's had in from the start, running CMYK+ white < which I never use Doh!


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