I bought my versacamm to compete with screen printing. We used to outsource our screen printing but we brought it in house with the transfers. I kjnow each method has its own strengths and weaknesses but I chose the VG-540 instead :)

Natrurally, I want to match my customers artwork but alot of this has been me matching a previously screen printed job which has free floating letters and numbers. For example, A left chest logo which has a center logo and possibly the company name arc'd above and the number below.

I don't mind weeding in general but my big issue comes into play when I'm removing the excess print material to expose the carrier sheet and cut graphics but the smaller letters tend to peel up if I'm not careful and this becomes very time consuming.

I've been using stahls express print and medium tack mask as my go to as its my favorite so far.

I was wondering if I should try to talk customers into a background for the logo's or if there might be some small tricks I could do in corel draw like connecting the letters or something. I'm new to this so I'm more curious as to how some of the veterans handle these scenarios and what I should be aiming to try out to make my life easier.

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for small letters and that need weeding I put the mask on before weeding and do the weeding on the masking sheet.

try to match the small stuff to the garment material, do a contour around with the same color and then it is one unit.

Good ideas to try out thanks. The premasking method actually saved me on my last order. I found out squeegees matters alot too. I was using a handout from a trade show and when I started using a better quality one I could visibly see the mask making more contact with the vinyl so that has helped alot as well for reducing errors when removing from the transfer film and some letters would not come up the first try.

The more vinyl to remove the more easy to pull up. So tedious weeding, I try to fill the inside. On the tedious, mask then weed.


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