Hey guys! I'm a new member of this forum, i have seen you post a lot helpful comments and great ideas of how to fix roland printers. The case is that i my XC-540 has started printing blurry. Printhead seems to be in a great shape excepted for the yellow one which has some reflected nozzles. When i print cyan or a combination of it it leaves small drops on the sides of the print. I have tried to clean the encoder stripe but it didn't work, then i flipped the encoder did a linear calibration and nothing changed i'm about to buy a new encoder strip just in case i replaced the encoder in a bad way because i'm relative new at doing technical service to my machines. I've heard about to clean the eye sensor who reads the encoder but i can't find it. I attached pictures so you can undertand me better.

Thanks  a lot!! <3

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Nozzles look good except for yellow as stated

With nozzles looking that good and the yellow deflecting - might be due to blocked nozzles - try a 48 hour head soak with lines clamped and machine off - then 2 powerful cleans. See if that brings the nozzles back. If not then that is the best you will get

The design you posted - print that in uni-direction

Also print the test print from versaworks and post that

You may need adjust the bidirection from service mode, but we do not tell you how to get into it if you do not know

Hi Irving! Thanks for your time to answering my questions.

I bought my printer from Sweden so it has been at sea for about 2 months, at the beginning the yellow head refused to print any nozzles. I took a syringe, sucked out the ink from the head and then i did a head soak, it got much better but no optimal (better that than a no printing head)

I made a test print, only light cyan on a high speed mode (540x360 dpi) and it was no blurry print but as fast as i change the resolution to a high quality mode the print started to blur. 

Printing the design at uni-direction mode, made the print blurry only on one side as you can see in the pictures.

I have been looking around a little bit into the service mode so i now how to get in there.



If the machine was pumped-up the 2 months would have been fine. So you might be in need of another head soak at least 48 hours followed by a couple of powerful cleanings - waste of ink, but cheaper than a head.

In the service mode, check your bias, horizontal and do the directional and calibration adjustments there and then again in user mode. The test print is good nozzles good, so you are close. Also try a choke clean, also should be in service mode, nothing to lose there.

Hi again Irving! I did the tests you told me to try so i attached some pictures below. The problem is the light cyan head, as you can see, its almost impossible to calibrate the bi-dir and horizontal when you can't see vertical and horizontal lines. 

What does DT1 and DT3 means? Its a separation of the head? DT1 low and hight light cyan seems to be ok but DT3 low and hight are not good.

I wanted to try a choke clean but i can't find this option in the service mode panel :( it maybe has another name?


I doubt if those nozzles could be aligned - But all your adjustments seem to be off - you need to align the cmyk to the black lines - you are looking for the thinnest line. Your service and user levels are off. Do those in service mode then check the cyan.


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