So after printing some circle vinyl stickers (and yes, stickers do have a bleed) and letting them sit for 48-72 hours before cutting, what's the best way to align it?

I've tried after a few sheets and these circle stickers come out horrible.

White border is NOT part of the sticker... that is an easy-peel we add but the last black border is where the sticker ends.

Any tips?

See image below.

VersaCamm VS-640i

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looks like your white border may be on top of the black offset towards bottom - check your artwork

Well all of our cuts are 'perfect' circles but when we load it into the machine to cut out, it somehow doesn't align to the stickers properly? Causing it to look offset.

Don't know why that happens if the machine reads the registration and all.

Then you need to show it without what you added. For the white circle looks perfect to the black circle which is increasing. 

Not sure what you mean about putting it back in. If you are using registration marks to to the cut, then ensure you leave enough on the rear, do you testing on the rear portion to have enough cutting depth, line up the reg marks on top of the cutting strip.

Well, do you see the outer black circle? See how the top portion is thinner and the bottom of it is thicker? That's the sticker cut... not sure why my cutter is cutting like that, even though I am aligning it to the cutting strip.

Look at your design in wireframe and see where the white contour around the black is actually located.


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