After reading registration marks, the cut alignment is off nearly 1/4 inch

 Hello, I am running a Roland Versacamm print and cut vs640i, and I have been experiencing some cutting issues. Up until now now the printing and cutting has not been off. I even ran the calibration, which was slightly off and got it back to as perfect as can be. It is not the calibration. I have tried different jobs and keep getting the same results whether laminated or not. The cut is WAY off but only horizontally. We have now replaced the cut pad only to get the same results. I have cleaned the machine to the best of my ability, and even cleaned the encoder strip. Anyone Have any guess as to what could cause the cut line to cut off 1/4"? Maybe the print is pulling to one side while printing? Also, when printing crop marks, it seems to leave a transparent line against the registration mark, maybe this could be the issue? I have printed, removed the material, replaced the material, and cut on much smaller jobs and it cuts fine. Im not sure where to go from here. I have another couple jobs coming back from lamination tomorrow and will try and see if maybe it was just how the initial jobs got printed. Any help is greatly appreciated,



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Hard to tell exactly what your issue is. But first thing to try is to ensure your Environment match is enabled

Environment Match is enabled. Thank you for responding!

Got some fresh jobs back from lamination, and it they have the same problem as the last few. All cuts are about 1/4 inch off. 

Post these two test

Print/Cut Adjustment

Crop/Cut Adjustment

You are mixing up 2 different adjustments and trying to get the same results

to get to


Up Arrow

Cut Config

Right Arrow

Test Print

The CropCut is the next option down

Directions to set is in the Manual

as others have said but if you look at the crop mark pic there is a edge fault to the print so a feed problem if i an looking at it the right way up. either the material is not laying flat or pinch roller de- laminating.. to much heat for that material.

then go back to the adjustments.


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