I have a sp-300v printer and I am trying to add a media profile for using cutting vinyl. I had it before but the computer crashed and lost everything. I am not the one who did the original set up any suggestion or thoughts on how to get it back will be very appreciated. the media we have "solvex sticky vinyl 3.4mil". I have also lost the profile for indoor photo gloss paper so if anyone has info on either I would love to hear it.

Thank you for your time.  

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I'm wondering if you could almost do anything for cutable vinyl and just do custom settings on the heat (turn it off) and change to cut only? Sometimes I use the profile for solvent printable vinyl (sorry, I'm at home not near my versaworks) and do the custom setting for heat and cut only. Not sure if that helps?

If all you are doing is cutting vinyl, you do not need a media profile.

The versaworks will not recognize the cutting lines nor will it let me go to the cut control button. In the past, we had to select the "generic cutting vinyl to be able to access the cut controls. is this not how it should be? 

do you have any profiles in your versaworks now? If so, try one and see if you can access the cut controls? If not, I am going to hunt for a profile thing on here that may help you. 


Here's a bunch of profiles if this might help you?

Busy all day but - if  you are just cutting profile - you will need a cutting profile - so any of the generic or general ones will help you - Select near the top. You will not need any heat and heat sometimes make it worst. So on the printer tab you might want to do custom in the heat area and turn off pre and post heat.


For the gloss paper - select the rolands photo paper white and you will be fine - If you do not see many profiles - you will need to update your versaworks. Do that by going to start button - roland - online update - you can turn it on in prefences.

This is a start - I have to get back to what I am doing but will check back for your progress.


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