Accidentally upgraded my VP-540i to ECO-SOL MAX 3 :(, anyway to go back to ECO-SOL?

FYI, I don't know if this is the right place for this.

I have a VP-540i that hasn't really been used since 2015, just decided get it up and running again, bought a new ink set and in the settings I saw a setting called 'change ink set' so I did that thinking it would clean everything and you put a new ink set in, but in fact it upgraded the ink to the new(ish) eco-sol max 3 which you cannot easily get in Australia. does anyone know of a way to get the printer back to using eco-sol max? putting tape over the contacts of the ink cartridge works but is not really ideal.

any help would be appreciated!


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You will need a tech to reset the machine.


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