I have a new VG-540 and need to move it in the next couple weeks, so i'm trying to read-up on the requirements needed for that move. I'm currently trying to find the print head retainer it talks about in the manual (saying it's attached to the bottom of the machine?) ,anyway's I've yet to spot it. Tips anyone? Thx in advance.-Paul.

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Printhead lock is on the right rear - royal blue - screwed on. That is where I put it when I set up the machine. I would suggest to unink the machine since if the ink spills on the right side much to damage. That machine is very heavy and will be very hard not to tilt it in some fashion.

Found it-many thanks. next is to learn about evacuating the ink-maybe I can find a youtube video?

for flushing the ink


Look for ink control

PUMP UP to clear

FILL to put back

super-many thanks!!


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