This subject isn't my strong point, so bear with me.

I just sent the cable guy away.

He came to install a new modem. Before he touched anything, I asked him if my IP numbers would change.

He said, YES, yes, yes. of course!

This modem has a built in router and the kicker was that he said the IP address would no longer be 192.168. XXX

Is that okay?

I was all prepared to change the numbers on my Camm and computer if need be.....but I got really cold feet when he told me the number would be something like 10.100. XXX

Will that work?

Will my VC understand an IP address that starts with 10. ?????

Man, oh, man, this stuff makes my head spin.

clueless Lady Di

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Yes it will work with that IP address. It will work with any valid IP address. The was designated as a private IP address range for internal use only. This address range is one that you should never see on the public Internet and public Internet routers are programed to ignore this range of addresses. It's been a long time since I worked with IP addressing but if my memory is correct was also designated as an internal use only range. Probably could do a Google search to get more info if you wanted.


so, in plain English, Ray, (I told you I was IP challenged) my VC will recognize this 'new' format and everything will be hunky dorey?

I will be able to program the machine in this alternate format?

I guess I was worried that this format wasn't available when the machine was made so it would balk when I tried to use it.

You will need to change the IP addresses of all the internal networked devices in your shop. Probably most of the computers will be using DHCP so the easiest way to reconfigure those is to reboot. The Versacamm will need to have it's IP address changed at the printer control panel. You may also have to manually change the IP address on your other printers also. It all depends on how your systems were configure when first setup.

Actually that IP number format was around from the beginning of IP.


Not wishing to get involved in all this I fitted a extra network card.
So the Internet has its owm and the internal computers and printers are un affected

It's like this, have the new modem installed and go from there, you will have a new external address but your internal system should be unaffected, A part of my security system ( my Linksys router) has me change the external address as a part of troubleshooting connection issues, and I have never had to change anything related to my printers ect. except if I changed my wireless password and my printer is not wireless so no issues. Hi Lady Di, !!!


That is your gateway address - Lady Di - I can walk you through a change if needed. VW just needs to know where to find the printer. If anything you might need to expand submask - to which would allow it to read the entire address rather than just the last three numbers - as in

Windows 7 and up does it automatically, Hi Irv hope you are well, I'm alive again for awhile I hope.

Glad to hear John, speedy recovery. All is good here - just birthing VersaCAMMS.

Hi Irv, Hi John

I'm scared

Mostly because I don't understand any of this.

How can I be so dense? I hate when I don't understand something that I should be able to understand.

This cable guy, which I'm not sure knew a heck of a lot more than I do (OMG), said this new modem he was going to install now includes the router...cause it's wireless.

That doesn't sound good to me. Right?

In addition to my VC....what happens to every other thing that I depend on? Laptops? ipad? Fax? Old Vista computer? TiVo?

Let me explain. The only reason I was even considering this know I'm the BIGGEST proponent of the old "if ain't broke........don't fix it" idiom....was because this change would save me over $100 a month.

That's over $1,000 a year. That would be nice, right?

But, but, but it might also cost me way more in total frustration if I can't figure out how to get everybody to play nicely with each other again.

You know how that goes?

One thing leads to the next and before you know it, everything is a total disaster. I did a simple 2 day back restore last week.......easy cheesy, you would think. Before I knew it, it was 36 hours later before I got everything working again.

Makes no sense. A 2 day roll-back caused my embroidery software to whack out, caused my Wacom to totally fritz out......etc.etc 500 computer restarts and 50 phone calls to tech support later, I 'sort of' got back to normal.

Yep, I'm scared.

All the companies are now installing these wireless modems that eliminates a seperate wireless modem. You can still plug in wired if needed. Get it. If it locks you up, I will head your way and tune up your machine to boot.

My knight in shining armour from the beginning to forever........

now I'm not scared anymore



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