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I have the opportunity to purchase a used 2008 Roland SP-300v that has 1700 hours on it.  I went to the seller yesterday which is a dealer.  The original owner bought it new from them, used only Roland inks and traded it in for a bigger model.  I have attached some pictures of a sample print that we did at their office yesterday.  On the top are stickers and on the bottom are heat transfers for t shirts.  We printed black and color so I could see both.  The machine will also come with a 30 day warranty.  The owner and salesperson were really nice and answered all of my questions and seem trustworthy.  I am not a huge believer in buying used machines but this one seems to work fine.  Is there anything I should be worried about with buying a used machine in this model or are they dependable machines and this would be a good purchase for someone that is buying their first commercial printer/cutter?



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Eddie, to my admittedly untrained eye, those sample prints don't look all that good to me. But who knows? The best thing you can do, and something you SHOULD do before purchasing, is get the seller to generate a co-peck report and let Irv or Steve review the results.
No different than having your auto mechanic check before you buy a used car.

Lady Di

Thank you for the reply.  I have been looking at the BN-20 machines and came across this.  Again I am not too keen on used machines so I should probably just go ahead and go with my first thought.  The price is great which is the reason I considered it.  Do you have any thoughts on the BN-20 or the SP-300i? 


There are a few factors.

  1. It depends on what you are going to do with the printer and the volume that you expect to run.
  2. If the dealer is standing behind the printer.
  3. If the dealer is delivering and setting up the printer.

Buying without the dealer leaves you at a disadvantage (somewhat). If something were to go wrong with the printer before and after shipping it's not on you. The dealer delivers sets up and its his responsibility until you accept delivery.

It's the test print that you want to use to evaluate the print quality.

This is a test print it may look good to most but there are a few deflection (1/4 up from the bottom right side of black) in this test which will turn into a problem later on.

This is a perfect test print from a newer Vp540. The point is to focus on the alignment of each line segment of the test prints.

The is the first step in evaluating the printer. The next is gathering the peck file (as Di suggested) to evaluate the statistics recorded by the printer. 


The BN-20 has its market place but most complaints are about its speed. Rule of thumb  - buy the next size up by any means necessary.


Here is a test print that I received yesterday.  How does this look to you and what should I be looking for?

Red is missing nozzles and has deflections, the alignment test shows heads to be misaligned.

The alignment could be the issue with prints. Ask the seller do the alignment procedure and do another test print.

The SP300V, which I have, do tend to have a few hiccups now and then so be prepared if you purchase one.

Like any other machine they can fail on day one or outlast a newer model.

OK I agree with lady Di. There are some noise around the letters. If I was to see a nozzle test, I am sure I would be looking at some deflections.  You never mentioned price and I do not want to know, but what you should know is that no one can tell you whether it is worth it without that information. It could be worth it for $10 and not $20. Next point. Rolands are workhorses, but a printer that is 2008 is just that an old printer in print years. Consider it like dog years. I do not like the V models because they have the older technology  cables etc. Printheads have two issues  shot count (not hours) and secondly age. A printer not used often is worst than one that is used everyday. I would rather see a nozzle test, pix of the captop area, the printhead surface than graphics. Bad graphics can be as simple as the wrong profile or some other user error. The nozzle test is not affected by the user unless they do not push the button. 

I do not like BN20s but they are the latest fad and are being sold a lot.  But 20 inches is still 20 inches and it is a slow haul. I like the SP300i better. 

So both SP the v and the i only have  heads and they are the same heads at that. The i has improved ink technology and will provide better prints. The i also is Ethernet connected and belt driven. Some like Harleys (chain) I prefer Honda (belt). Menu on the i is different, tests are different and are younger than any V out there. The BN uses a unihead  8 channels but only 3 inkset choices. The problem I have on the BN is trying to work on them everything is cramed in there. Also with the BN there seems to be a quirk where after a while you get a media feed error. The only way I know to fix it is to change out the machine. Not sure if the issue has been address yet by roland.

Also let me add that a 30 day warranty is not worth anything. Roland gives  years, you know why because those babies very seldom have issues in the 1st 24months. After that age and production can affect the printer. These machines require some training. I usually spend 7hours setting them up and training and I am just scratching the surface. Need to see that nozzle test. Agree with buy the next one up.


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