Hello CAMMers,

I have been told by a reliable Stahls source that during the week of July 2nd, Stahls Website will include the IW 20" & 30" media that will be continued for purchase. 

In addition, there are no BootCamps currently scheduled, but August or September may be the earliest one is arranged. 

Anyone with interest on either topic you may chime in here or with Stahls directlyl!

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i was buying durasol i thin the one u mentioned 50 yard 20 inch it was around 90$ i dant seem to find at stahls site where can i buy theis do u remeber the full nameof the product i cant even sign in at imprintables to se ethe product name thank you 

Same here - the only place I have found 20" is from Roland direct and it seems thin compared to the Durasol.


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